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Tuesday July 16, 2024 11:00am - 11:30am EDT
In recent years, cybersecurity has evolved beyond a purely technical field, encompassing socio-economic, psychological, and cultural dimensions. As such, it is crucial to adopt an interdisciplinary approach to cybersecurity education to effectively address the multifaceted nature of cyber threats and solutions.      

This short presentation offers an in-depth research and data-based exploration of various interdisciplinary approaches to cybersecurity. It follows this Table of Contents: Cybersecurity, Psychology, Anthropology, Criticisms, Benefits, and a Conclusion. As we prepare students for the complexities of the digital era, it is essential to equip them with a comprehensive skill set that transcends technical expertise alone.

The presentation is aimed at elucidating the symbiotic relationship between technical knowledge and the social sciences. Through the integration of insights from psychological evaluation metrics such as HEXACO and parallels with tools of our human ancestors and today's common digital forensics tools such as a scytale and encryption algorithms, educators and the general public will gain a nuanced understanding of the nature of cyber threats and defenses.

By fostering a deeper appreciation for interdisciplinary perspectives, educators and the general public will be better equipped to instill a holistic understanding of cybersecurity principles in those around them, with connections to human history and culture that drive the need for cybersecurity. Additionally, with hundreds of thousands of jobs in cybersecurity needed, it is imperative that multi-disciplinary studies, as well as out-of-the-box research and data-based studies, are introduced to appeal to a wide variety of students and general audience members who will need to fill these roles in the present.

This talk serves as a catalyst for empowering the next generation of cyber professionals with an interdisciplinary approach to help them navigate the dynamic challenges of the digital landscape with confidence and competence. Please consider joining in this transformative journey towards excellence in cybersecurity education.

Sneha Magadi

Raytheon Workforce Development Fellow, IC-CAE Scholar, President of the Transfer Peer Mentor Program, Raytheon Workforce Development Program
Sneha S. Magadi is a junior in Computer Engineering at Virginia Tech, specializing in Networking and Cybersecurity. She brings a diverse skill set, including proficiency in AWS, C++, and Python, and certifications such as AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner and PMI Agile Foundations... Read More →
Tuesday July 16, 2024 11:00am - 11:30am EDT
Room 219

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